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1, if you can not be the first time to contact your local store, you can always contact us through the following channels:
Customer Service Hotline :4007-007-268 E-mail: sales@china-quanyou.cn Address: Sichuan Chengdu North Road, Wu Hou District, Division
,4007-007-2 to provide you with 268 service:
1, "one-stop service" warm, efficient
All you need to call Friends of the National warm-wide service hotline: 4007007268, the Friends of the product-wide after-sales problems can be cordial and warm welcome and response.
2, multi-channel receiver convenient and flexible user information
Fixed telephone, mobile phone, PHS and e-mail are the call center system to receive your information channels.
3, each 24-hour follow-up reply system, or by appointment a good time with your return visit, back to you.
4, "one on one" professional customer service consultants to receive, reflect the Supreme Service
A professional client advisor for each call received (letter), and tracking treatment progress and process the results, until your problem is proper and reasonable manner.
5, care for customers, starting from the details of the
Hotline, around the country-wide Friends of the warm service hotline calls, customers only need to pay local call charges, the resulting long-distance telephone charges by the Friends of the company-wide commitment, without any user to pay.